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Other Obsessions #3 – October

October is now a thing of the past which means it’s time for another update in my monthly series inspired by Cátia over at TheGirlWhoReadTooMuch. Big thanks to her for allowing me to participate in this series! If you have been keeping up, you would know that this is a post about anything other than books. It just allows me to talk about various topics like music, movies, etc. I love writing these so let’s get into it!


EXO Showtime (Korean Reality TV Show)


If you don’t already know, EXO is a popular K-POP group that I have been addicted to lately and I recently discovered that they filmed a reality TV show a couple years back! It’s just a 12 episode series about the twelve boys and what they do when they’re not on stage! It is a pretty humorous show and I fangirled nearly every minute while watching it.

Cinderella and Four Knights (Korean Drama)


I was browsing online looking for a good drama to watch and I stumbled on this one. It was on the popular page so I just went for it. The series consists of 16 episodes that run for about an hour each. I did end up skimming through some of them because it was getting really long, but for the most part I did enjoy this take on Cinderella!


Image result for return to halloweentown ad

Since October was filled with Halloween vibes, it was bound to happen that I would watch something to get into the spirit! I ended up watching one film, and it was Return to HalloweenTown. This was the fouth movie in the HalloweenTown franchise and although I feel like most people like the orginial better, this is my favorite out of all the ones that were produced. I think I prefer this one over the rest just because it had a modern-ish feel to it. That and because it’s just a generally good movie 🙂

 BTS – Wings Album

On October 10th, my favorite KPOP group, BTS, released a new album named “Wings.” It consists of 15 songs, 7 of which are solos for each member.



I listened to the entire track list on Spotify and I loved it so much that I decided to order the actual album online. I will probably make a post about my K-POP albums and whatnot one day, after my collection has grown a bit more. As of right now though I have two albums-BTS and EXO-CBX.


Anyways, out of the 15 tracks here are my favorites:

– Awake (Jin’s solo)               -Blood, Sweat, and Tears

– Begin (Jungkook’s solo)    – Interlude: Wings

– 21st Century Girls

EXO-CBX – Hey Mama!

October was an exciting month for K-POP fans because not only did BTS release an album, so did EXO-CBX, a subunit of EXO. If you don’t know what KPOP subunits are then check it out on the wonderful Google; it’s a long explanation that I don’t feel like getting into right. Back to the main topic though: EXO-CBX. The group is made up of three EXO members-Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin. As a trio, the boys released a mini-album called “Hey Mama!” around the end of October which consists of 5 tracks. Out of all of them, my my top three favorite songs off the track list are “Hey Mama!,” “Rhythm After Summer,” and “Cherish.”

Image result for exo cbx album

So that basically wraps it up for the month of October! Honestly,  there wasn’t much that happened this month other than for K-POP. I didn’t really do much this month to be honest. I basically just fangirled, ate, read, and went to school. Hopefully next month’s update will have some more content!

That’s all for this post, let me know how your October went in the comments! Hope to see you in the next post!



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