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November’s To Be Read

October has passed and November is here. With a new month greeting us, I realized that I haven’t made a TBR since summer, so here we are. Some books have just been released and although they are intriguing, there are also some old publications that I want to get to first!  With that being said, here are my picks for this month.


All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Everyone has heard about this book right? It’s basically a YA contemporary novel dealing with heavy topics (suicide) as well as romance. I bought it a few months back after reading some positive reviews of it on Goodreads and on blogs. It has been sitting on my shelf for too long so I decided its time to for me to read it. Most people in the bookish community have probably read this already so I am pretty late in the game. Better late than never right?



Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Fantasy! I am not one for fantasy novels but I recently read a review of this on a TeacherofYA ‘s blog and from what I gathered, it sounded very interesting! I checked on Goodreads and the reviews on there were mostly positive as well so I thought “why not give it a try?” Plus, it is everywhere on Bookstagram so clearly this book has made quite the impression on readers. Fingers crossed that it won’t let me down!




The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

This novel is such a classic to me. I don’t know if other people would consider it to be a classic, but it is in my world. Although I already read this last year (for a school assignment), I felt the need to reread it again just because it was so good. I also watched the movie twice or maybe three times last year and it was amazing! I recently just found out that B&N’s has a special collector’s edition out! Now I must go and grab myself a copy.



Three books. That doesn’t seem like very much right? Well trust me, it does when you have school work on top of it all. Hopefully I will get around to finishing all of them before December gets here though!

Have you read any of these novels yet? Also, what are you planning to read this month? Let me know in the comments! 




6 thoughts on “November’s To Be Read

  1. I’ve read all three books! Not a fan of Red Queen, can’t remember The Outsiders since I read it for school, but I did love All The Bright Places. It was pretty sad but I loved Niven’s writing style, and I hope you do too. ❤


  2. Haha, no, I can totally relate! I struggle with reading 3 books a month with my busy schedule as well. I hope that you did manage to get to these and enjoy them though. I haven’t read any of the titles you featured, however. But the first two are on my infinitely growing and long TBR pile. >.<

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