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Other Obsessions #4 – December

I wasn’t able to post a November version for this series, but to make up for it, here is my December update! It’s almost the end of this crazy and hectic year, however, I don’t know if I am mentally prepared for 2017 to come. It seems like time is going by fast, but I guess I will just have to embrace the upcoming year and hope for the best! Anyways, to wrap up 2016, let’s see what I have done in the last month!


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (KDrama)


I have been addicted to Korean dramas lately and my favorite one right now is called Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo. It’s basically about a college female weightlifter named Kim Bok-Joo and her childhood friend Jung Joon-Hyung, who also attends the same college as her, but is a swimmer rather than a weightlifter. The two are young but already have numerous challenges they have face. There are family issues and, of course, love that stirs in the air. Besides the intriguing love affairs that occur in this drama (affairs as in plural), there are also some great friendships and lovable characters. The episodes last an hour each and it airs every Wednesday and Thursday. If you are into stories about young love with lots of drama and a little bit of comedy, I would highly recommend this series.

Hwarang (KDrama)


This is another Korean drama I am watching, but unlike the first one, this one revolves more around historical events rather than modern young love. The plot depicts the story of Hwarang, which means “Flowering Knights.” The queen regent of the small kingdom named Silla, wants to create an elite group of young males who will protect and, hopefully, have great influence on the country. Her plan is to empower the throne through these men as the young king lives in hiding.

I have never watched historical dramas before but I wanted to give this one a try because Kim Taehyung (also known as V), a member of my favorite K-Pop group (BTS) is a supporting character in this film series. I originally didn’t plan on watching the entire program, but after seeing the first episode, the show turned out to be really interesting so I just went along with it. It is mainly historical drama but I believe there is some romance in here that will eventually appear in the upcoming episodes. It airs every Monday and Tuesday, lasting around an hour per showing.


Like the previous months, I have continued to dig myself a bigger hole in the K-Pop community. I’ve added more BTS songs onto my playlist on Spotify as well as various other groups such as VIXX, Monsta X, and Block B. However, out of all the songs and artists, I wanted to shine the spotlight on a group named K.A.R.D this month. They recently just released a song called “Oh NaNa” and I was hesitant about listening to them at first, but now I just hit the replay button over and over again. What’s unique about K.A.R.D is that they’re a co-ed group. It isn’t very common to see co-ed groups in the K-Pop industry so I was pretty surprised when I first heard about them. I love the idea of a mixed gender group and hope that they continue to produce music.

Other than K.A.R.D, I’ve also been loving EXO’s new winter album – “For Life.” I ordered it off of  a week or so back and it hasn’t arrived yet, which is understandable since the holiday season results to slow shipment. However, it has been on Spotify for a nearly two weeks now and I have been loving it! There are five tracks in total but since it’s sung in both Chinese and Korean, I guess you can say there are ten tracks on this album. My favorite tracks of the album are “Twenty Four” and “Falling For You.”

I know I have already mentioned two K-Pop artists, but one more won’t hurt, right? We all know that December is a month filled with holiday joy and this year, I really got into the spirit of things by listening to a gem called “Awake.” This song was originally apart of BTS’s WINGS album, and it was sung by Jin (my second favorite member in the group). However, for his birthday, Jin decided to bless us all with a Christmas version of the song and I honestly couldn’t get enough of it.

Speaking of Jin, him and V collaborated on a song for the drama Hwarang! The vibe of the song is quite different from the usual BTS songs, but I really like it! They’re my two favorite members out of the band so I was super happy when I heard they would be apart of this project together!


lyrics video credit to ashleygold25 on Youtube


So that officially wraps up 2016 for me! I would like to thank Cátia over at The Girl Who Reads Too Much for allowing me to use this monthly series on my blog! This year has been crazy for me and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Thank you for anyone and everyone who decided to read my blog this year, I hope to see you again next year!

Best of wishes for you in 2017!



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