Rating System Guide

Just to be sure that there is no confusion, I am going to explain my rating system. Let’s start off by saying that in my reviews I will be using hearts to represent the ratings. The most hearts a book can have is five, and the least is zero.

5 hearts – BEYOND wonderful, amazing, spectacular, fantastic! Words can’t describe how incredible this book is. It’s going in my stack of favorites now. Basically, you should just go to a bookstore and grab a copy immediately!

While reading this I was most likely doing the following:


4.5 hearts – This book was magnificent! Although it wasn’t perfect due to a few flaws, it’s still worth the read! I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone.


4 hearts – I’m hooked onto this book. So what if some things didn’t run as smoothly as I would’ve wished? It’s still something you should highly consider reading!


3.5 hearts – Overall the novel was good. I may have disliked some aspects of it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a try.


3 hearts – Not too shabby. I would change a number of things about this book if I could, but there were some good parts that kept me intrigued. Not everyone will go head over heels for this though.


2.5 hearts – This did not live up to my expectations, nor did it satisfy my reading needs. It was an okay read and maybe a handful or two of you might find it enjoyable, but I personally didn’t.


2 hearts – There’s not a lot of good things I can say about this piece of work. I wouldn’t recommend this to many people, or anyone at all for that matter.


1.5 heart – How did I even make it all the way to the end? I probably skipped multiple pages, or maybe even chapters, in order to get to the last line in this book. I don’t recommend this at all.


1 heart – Let’s be honest, I didn’t actually read the entire thing. There’s a high chance that I may have just leafed through the pages until I got to the end. How did this even get published?


0 hearts (DNF) – What? Just what? I didn’t finish it people. I just couldn’t take it anymore. If I did finish reading though, then it was just plain horrible.


This book probably had me like: